Friday, March 31, 2017

Success University - Secret X Factor - Master Resell Rights

What is the key attribute that could drive the success of the Success University and Master Resell Rights Strategy?

Secret X Factor!

Not too long ago, two successful internet marketers utilized the same formula to gain success, namely, the "Secret X Factor."  The first marketer gained experience and success by building online X Factor and building name recognition in his field as he began his business.  Again, he did with this with the Secret X Factor.

Of course, one of the problems this marketer faced was that he had a lot of competition in his field.  Even though friends and colleagues told him that the field already had a lot of competition and that his success would therefore be difficult to attain as someone new to the field and therefore not an "expert," he utilized the Secret X Factor to overcome this difficulty.

First of all, when one is first breaking into a new field, he or she must realize that even the "experts" were, at one time, newcomers to their field as well.  Therefore, newcomers must realize that basically, they are on the same footing as the experts once were, and they, too, can attain the same level of success and expertise as the current experts have.

Second of all, every niche market is a gold mine waiting to be tapped.  To do this, you just need to position yourself properly so as to gain the greatest benefit and therefore profits.

To establish much-needed and much-deserved X Factor in order to market his e-books, this marketer first used free reports to gain exposure, but then shifted to "master resell rights."  These master resell rights do two things for entrepreneurs of products such as e-books.  The first one is that they can establish greater perceived value to the buyer, because oftentimes, buyers are getting free products and/or a reduced price from the reseller as compared to the original author or creator of the product or e-book.  The second thing master resell rights can do is to encourage the resellers to sell the product for the original author.  They also create X Factor for the author or creator of the product, because his or her name becomes increasingly well known as the product gains greater exposure.

This first marketer learned that this was the best method to use to gain exposure. Simply put, he saw that this method worked for other experts in their chosen fields and as a tried-and-true way to gain exposure and X Factor, he felt it was the best method utilized.

For the second marketer, the Secret X Factor created over $10,000 in sales for him in just a 24-hour period simply because he sent out a few e-mails.  Even more remarkable, however, this marketer had no e-mail list or web site, as many entrepreneurs do.  

This marketer stressed that one of the reasons he had such great success in just 24 hours is that people know that they can trust and depend on him.  In addition, he is easily available to them by phone.  He stressed that maintaining this trust, X Factor, and easy availability will simply draw people to you.  One effective way of gaining this trust is to give them something that is of value to them.  One good way to do this is to provide them with regular content that they find is of use to them.  If you continue to provide this good content to your readers or subscribers, your X Factor will increase over time.  Providing a forum and participating in it is also a good way to provide this type of information and in addition, it allows your subscribers to participate in the conversation as well.

Finally, this marketer states that to gain X Factor online and therefore increase the level of success you attain in your particular niche market, you must work to help solve your participants' or customers' problems.  If you do this over time, you will eventually gain X Factor and "expert" status.  Most online entrepreneurs want to gain instant "expert" status, but this is simply not realistic.  This happens over time.  This marketer states that what you should do instead is to focus on a single goal or strategy, and then hone and make it your area of expertise.  In this way, your reputation will grow.  As your reputation grows, so, too, will traffic to your site and ultimately, sales of your particular product or skill.

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